Outdoor Practice Protocols

Phase 1 Outdoor Practice Protocols



  • Coaches have completed all the WIAA required certifications in addition to the TSD requirements
  • Students register on FamilyID for clearance to participate  
    • Nurses check FamilyID lists to identify students who have medical emergency plans. They communicate with families to make sure we have updated plans prior for clearing athletes for participation. Nurse and Covid 
  • FamilyID clearance list triggers creation of student ID card with their QR code
  • Student’s first parent listed in Skyward receives attestation email from the district daily
    • No symptoms – they are cleared for that day’s participation
    • Symptoms identified – student is not allowed to be on campus for practice. Medical coordinator will monitor the student’s status and determine when the athlete will be allowed to return to play. 
  • Coaches are also emailed attestations and are given QR codes that are scanned before practice begins



  • When athletes arrive on campus they line up at the designated locations so they coach can confirm their attestations.
  • Coach scans ID card for attestation. There are three possible responses to the scan:
    • Green check – OK to participate
    • Red “X” – not cleared for participation, need to leave the facility. Medical coordinator will monitor the student’s status and determine when the athlete will be allowed to return to play.
    • Blank screen with “Qualtrics” written on it – attestation has not been completed
      • Athletes cannot participate unless they are able to reach their parent, have them complete the attestation, rescan the QR code, and show the outcome
    • Malfunction of QR code – once this is confirmed, the athletic office will contact the attestation coordinator to resolve the QR code issue.
  • Hand sanitizer used upon entering
  • Masks required for coaches and athletes for the entire training
  • No access to locker rooms
  • Restroom will be available for the athletes and coaches. Only one person at a time to use the restroom for social distancing. 
  • Athletes are instructed to bring their own water and not share
  • No spectators are allowed
  • Level of activity allowed: 
    • Low/Moderate Risk (Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Tennis, Track, No contact Cheerleading, Dance, Swim and Dive) – allowed to use a ball and “brief close contact” Example, intra-team scrimmages allowed
    • High Risk (Football) – allowed to use a ball, “brief close contact.” Example, activities with six foot spacing vs air. 
    • Athletes will use hand sanitizer before using balls. Balls/equipment will be cleaned by coach after each use before putting away.



  • Exit through same gates they entered
    • Students are required to leave campus once their workout is completed
  • Hand sanitizer used upon departure
  • Coaches will clean equipment, balls, etc. before departure
  • Custodial will sanitize bathrooms daily